"Recordings of an Immigrant" book projectKandi and Tania, closingCrystal MoreyDetail of kimono fabricsRev. OyamaTania Arens and Justin Yates"The Hawaiian and the Haole" etching by Tania ArensGalleryPick-A-Skull (detail)"Nurse" by Justin YatesHallwayMurray ThorneNoahEntertainment at the grand openingGallery"101 Valentines" by Justin Yates"101 Valentines""101 Valentines""101 Valentines""101 Valentines""101 Valentines""101 Valentines"Brown Chicken Brown Cow String Band"Frame by Frame" by Daniel HonmaPhotographer Dan Honma with a happy customer."Frame by Frame""Frame by Frame""Frame by Frame""Work(Ing) Studio" by Paul MullowneyReverend Kenji Oyama from the Paia Mantokuji blessing Paul's studio at the start of his residency.VisitorsGroup shotPaul at work.Wheat Paste and BrushesRoughing.Never ForgetSoon to be all over Paia TownBlocksINRIPrints for salePaul's studio within the shopPaul, Tania, EdInfo"Work(Ing) Studio""A Cabinet of Curiosities" by Ghalib El-KhalidiNeon SpiritFecundMike Adrian 4Mike Adrian 2Mike Adrian 1Untitled.
A selection of photos from some of our past exhibits, from printmaking to sculptures and everything in between.

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