Neon Spirit
mixed media
“Microcosm” by Valentin Miro-Quesada is a series of illustrations that aims to examine the relationship between technology and culture, as well as blur the line between a homogenized capitalist society and exotic foreign cultures. It reflects the emergence of a digital and international identity, and explores how a technologically connected world shrinks our understanding of what is foreign and exotic. Valentin draws inspiration from historical advertisements, hieroglyphs, and propaganda, and has chosen to acknowledge the way that advertising has become the new model for art, similar to the way that fast food has permeated our society’s nationalized symbol of food. Sex, food, technology, and religion are all subject to reflecting this ideal, while technology only expedites the process and seems to urge the development of these values.

Valentin Miro-Quesada is a Maui born artist and current senior at Seabury Hall. His art mainly revolves around the themes of nature and society, with strong reflections of the Internet. He works with watercolor and pen and ink, but has recently become interested in oil paint. In the following year he plans on attending art school to pursue his love of the arts.
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